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Carlos Lara



Carlos Lara is a motivational speaker who despite not having both hands is dedicated to sharing how God has used his physical disability to inspire many for the glory of God through music. Currently a Practical Ministries student at Southeastern university in Lakeland, Fl. Carlos dedicates his time visiting churches to support them with their worship teams. Previously Carlos was a music teacher at Altar Institute in Tampa, Fl. and for 11 years was the drummer at Oak Grove Church of God.   Carlos uses his God given gift of playing the piano with his feet to inspire others to trust in the Lord and never give up faith.  In the last year Carlos has been working in launching the ministry MylifeHisplan whose mission is to inspire people to start living their lives according to Gods plan for them. 


Samantha Hernandez

Co-founder & Administrative Assistant

Samantha Hernandez was born in Long Beach, CA. In 2013, she joined CanZion Institute in Tampa FL. where she began her music and ministerial calling. This was a time of great growth in her spiritual life and ministry. Later on she attended Altar Institute in Tampa, where she studied piano and music theory. Samantha was the piano player for the Spanish Worship Team at Oak Grove Church of God for two years. In 2017, she began to work along side Carlos in the launching of MylifeHisplan. Now, co-founder and administrative assistant of MylifeHisplan, Samantha dedicates her time to getting to know people who have amazing stories that have the potential of becoming great tools for the mission of this ministry which is to inspire people to start living their life according to God’s plan for them.

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Here at MylifeHisplan we are convinced that God has a way of placing key people in our lives when we need it.  

We have a team of people who feel called to pray for your needs and to be there for you when you need it the most. It does not matter what you may be going through! We feel like God has an amazing and perfect plan for your life and we want to help you.

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